ZTE Small Fresh 4 Gold

ZTE Small Fresh 4 Is Officially Released

This afternoon, ZTE joint China Telecom released a star product small fresh series of the latest models – ZTE small fresh 4.

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ZTE A910 Gold

ZTE A910 Is Officially Released

This afternoon ZTE released their new device A910, which is priced at 1299 yuan (2G+16G) and 1499 yuan (3G+32GB).

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ZTE Blade V7 and V7 Lite

ZTE Blade V7 and Blade V7 Lite Officially Released

ZTE has just released its two new mobile phone– Blade V7 and Blade V7 Lite.

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ZTE AXON MAX is Officially Released

Today, ZTE in Beijing officially released ZTE AXON MAX.

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ZTE Voyage3

ZTE Voyage3 is officially Released

ZTE released a new machine – voyage 3. The machine will be the main battery life, equipped with 4080mAh large capacity battery.
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ZTE Blade A1 White

ZTE Blade A1 is Officially Released

ZTE Blade A1 known as the “national mobile phone fingerprint, fingerprint recognition back by using the second generation fingerprint unlock solution, 360 degrees, 0.3 seconds to unlock the screen.

The fingerprint identification module is also known as “fresh” button, click, double-click, press the 9 function definition, including screen capture, fast sharing, flashlight, screenshots, call etc.
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ZTE AXON mini is Officially Released

Through NBA preseason games in China, ZTE has released its own new machine AXON mini. In fact, this is not the first time it appeared, and in July this year, a brief appearance on the AXON conference, followed by a customized version of its NBA in Jingdong on sale, priced at 2,399 yuan. Read more

ZTE V5 3 Hands-on

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ZTE V5 3 Sliver and Gold

ZTE V5 3 is Officially Released

ZTE V5 3 should be another good choice around ¥1000. It is equipped with fingerprint and all metal body. Its configuration can fit most people’s work. And it has a good appearance. The only difference between 3 versions is the network support. Read more


ZTE Officially Released AXON PRO and Other Products

ZTE officially released their new flagship AXON PRO which is prepared 18 months, claimed by ZTE. Actually AXON PRO was first debuted in US and it was quite popular. AXON PRO is worth for the hard work of ZTE. It is equipped with all the best technologies for Android phone. AXON mini is also released at the same time. But its price and confirmation is not published yet. Read more