Moto M Is Officially Released

Moto M uses a new design style, the overall design of the fuselage is quite round, full metal blade, the thinnest only 4.3mm, fingerprint recognition module is placed in the back. Surface is zircon sand blasting, with wear-resistant, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

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Lenovo-moto-z-play white

Lenovo Moto Z Play Is Officially Released

In addition to Qualcomm snapdragon 820 flagship Moto Z, Lenovo also announced Moto Z Play which equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 625 have 3G memory, , the price of 3299 yuan.

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Huawei P9

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus are Officially Released

HUAWEI in London today officially released a new generation flagship P9, including P9, P9 Plus two versions.

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Vivo Xplay5

Vivo Xplay5 and Xplay5 Flagship Version are officially released

Just recently Vivo officially launched their newest devices, the “Xplay5 Flagship” and the “Xplay5” after two years of research and development. Their Flagship edition with the worldwide first 6GB memory for a smartphone and the double curved side screen will undoubtedly become the biggest selling point.

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ZTE AXON mini is Officially Released

Through NBA preseason games in China, ZTE has released its own new machine AXON mini. In fact, this is not the first time it appeared, and in July this year, a brief appearance on the AXON conference, followed by a customized version of its NBA in Jingdong on sale, priced at 2,399 yuan. Read more

Meizu Pro5 Silver-White

Meizu Pro5 is Officially Released

Meizu new flagship Meizu Pro5 is officially unveiled at the conference. The new phone uses full metal back cover. Compared with the previous MX series it has a little changed at the overall shape, but in detail and process it performance better. There are still have three colors (black white and gold) for you to choose.

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Nubia My PRAGUE is Officially Released

Nubia My PRAGUE is Officially Released

Nubia held a conference at Prague officially released their new mobile phone Nubia My PRAGUE. This is the first time that Nubia first release their phone at foreign country. Its appearance still keeps Nubia family style. And I should say it is the best looking Android phone currently(after Meizu change their back button). Read more

2 World's First, Gionee M5 and Gionee E8 are Officially Released

2 World’s First, Gionee M5 and Gionee E8 are Officially Released

Geonee M5 is the world’s largest battery capacity mobile phone. It has 6020mAh battery capacity with dual-battery structure. It can work for 2days even for heavy use. It also can be power bank for others.

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Meizu MX5 White

Meizu MX5 is Officially Released

Meizu MX5 is the first all metal body phone of Meizu. With aviation aluminum and CNC craft Meizu MX5 has a 7.6mm thickness and only 149g weight body. Also Meizu MX5 is the first phone which is equipped with Samsung Super AMOLED screen of Meizu. Although cameras are not upgraded a lot, but Meizu said their engineers spend a whole year and made about 1000 adjusts to improve it. And especially Meizu use Laser-aided focusing working with dual-color flashlight. Focusing time is only 0.2 second. And it is the first time make flashlight and Laser-aided focusing as a module. They applied for a patent. Read more

OPPO R7 Plus Front Back and Side

OPPO R7 and OPPO R7 Plus are Officially Released

After VIVO released their new mid-range phone VIVO X5Pro. Its brother company OPPO officially released their new mid-range phone OPPO R7 and OPPO R7 Plus too. They are all mainly targeting appearance. And use lots of the same configuration  e.g. Super AMOLED, PDAF, 2.5D glass design. The difference between OPPO R7 and OPPO R7 Plus are: OPPO R7 Plus is equipped with 6-inch screen with RGBW 4 colors tech, fingerprint, bigger battery volume and using laser focusing tech. Read more