one-plus-3t gunmetal

One plus 3T Is Officially Released

One plus officially released one plus 3T ,while the configuration upgrade is mainly focused on the point of it, except for the full version of the blood qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor (clocked at 2.35GHz), but also increased the 128GB of storage space (entry 64GB version) the main camera, and a 16 million pixel SONY IMX298 sensor (1.12 m, f/2.0 is OPPO R9s, aperture) in that paragraph.

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HTC 10

HTC 10 Is Officially Released

HTC has just released its newest flagship device, the HTC 10, which adopts a 5.2 inch Quad HD (2560×1440 pixels), a Super 5 LCD display screen and comes with a 820 Qualcomm snapdragon processor and a HTC Sense Interface Android 6.0 system.

It offers a 4GB RAM, 32GB / 64GB ROM and supports maximum 2TB memory expansion. The device additionally offers 12 million pixels (HTC ultrapixel 2), laser autofocus and a double optical anti-shake (OIS) mode, f/1.8 aperture, pro mode, Auto-HDR, Zoe capture, hyperlapse, 12x slow motion mode, 4K video and a high resolution audio recording from the main camera.

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Vivo Xplay5

Vivo Xplay5 and Xplay5 Flagship Version are officially released

Just recently Vivo officially launched their newest devices, the “Xplay5 Flagship” and the “Xplay5” after two years of research and development. Their Flagship edition with the worldwide first 6GB memory for a smartphone and the double curved side screen will undoubtedly become the biggest selling point.

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Smartisan T2

Smartisan T2 is Officially Released

Smartisan new flagship Smartisan T2 finally officially released. Price is much higher than we imagined, 16GB ¥2499, 32GB ¥2599.

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HTC One X9 Front

HTC One X9 is Officially Released

HTC officially released the One X9 HTC country line version. This is a positioning in the mainstream market of the new machine, but slightly less than One A9 HTC instead of the.

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ASUS ZenFone Zoom

ASUS ZenFone Zoom is Officially Released

ASUS ZenFone Zoom officially released

Configuration, ASUS ZenFone Zoom Intel uses 5.5 inches 1080p display, equipped with Atom Z3590 quad core processor (GPU PowerVR G6430), built-in 4GB memory and 128GB body storage space, providing a 5 million pixel front camera and a 13 million pixel rear camera, battery capacity3000 mAh.

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Letv 1s

Letv 1s is Officially Released

Letv as the official release of the legendary “killer” new one – Letv super phone 1S. Positioning, it is an upgraded version of super phone 1, there is a comprehensive upgrade in appearance and configuration  known as “red and blue under the second machine, the second flagship” Read more

OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 is Officially Released

After the successful first year, OnePlus officially released their second phone OnePlus 2. The same screen size and same suspended screen design. But everything inside is totally upgraded. OnePlus claimed that OnePlus 2 is using software and hardware to control the temperature of Snapdragon 810. The 810 performance but 801 temperature. In order to raise the brightness and cut down the power consumption, OnePlus isn’t equipped with 2K resolution screen. There is one feature is really impress me. OnePlus 2’s Alert Slider integrates seamlessly with Android’s notification settings. Switch between 3 profiles: All Notifications, Priority Interruptions, and No Interruptions – without having to unlock your phone or even take it out of your pocket. Perfect for meetings, movie theaters, or just a bit of peace and quiet. Read more

2 World's First, Gionee M5 and Gionee E8 are Officially Released

2 World’s First, Gionee M5 and Gionee E8 are Officially Released

Geonee M5 is the world’s largest battery capacity mobile phone. It has 6020mAh battery capacity with dual-battery structure. It can work for 2days even for heavy use. It also can be power bank for others.

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Lenovo VIBE Shot Red White and Gray

Lenovo VIBE Shot is Officially Released

Lenovo VIBE Shot was first released at CES this year. The team said they still need to optimize it for a long time.  And we would like to say the configuration of this phone is really good. Although it doesn’t have a very high grade CPU, but it has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, besides it is even equipped with a 5-inch 1080P IPS screen which is very rare at the price ¥1799.  Read more