Meitu M4s

Meitu M4s is Officially Released

This afternoon, Meitu technology held a press conference in Beijing, will release a new generation of mobile phone Meitu V4. Read more


TCL MEMEDA 3S is Officially Released

MEMEDA becomes a sub-brand of TCL like other Chinese electronic brands. Although its brand name MEMEDA is not the best name that they can choose. But like other TCL mobile phones, TCL MEMEDA 3S is also very cost-effective. It is even equipped with Eyeprint recognization technology in the price of ¥799. Read more

Nubia Z9 Gold

Bezel-less Nubia Z9 is Officially Released

Nubia Z9 is the flagship of Nubia. It always bringing the best functions. And this time it brings Bezel-less, world’s first side fingerprint unlock and world’s fingerprint 3 buttons in 1. Nubia Z9 will have 3 versions:

Classic:Snapdragon810+3GB+32GB ¥3499/

Elite:Snapdragon810+4GB+64GB ¥3999/

Premium:Snapdragon810+4GB+64GB+TiO fingerprint unlock ¥4499 Read more

Meitu M4

Meitu M4 is Officially Released

Although Meitu M4 is the latest phone from Meitu. But it only upgrades its CPU, starts support 4G and 802.11 ac, nothing else. Based on its confirmation and price, this phone may not be a popular one in the market. Read more

Nubia Z9 Max & Nubia Z9 mini are Officially Released

Nubia Z9 Max & Nubia Z9 mini are Officially Released

Nubia is the brand of ZTE. Nubia Z series only has even numbers generation, X series only has odd numbers. So the new flagship became 9 from 7. Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 mini keep their family tradition. They support all the networks. And their dual-standby is really supporting dual-4G. But it doesn’t mean that you can both use 4G at same time. At least you don’t need to replace 2 SIM cards when you want to use both of their 4G. And of course you can’t use 2 CDMA sim cards at same time.

The most difference between Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 mini are screen, CPU and HiFi(Z9 mini doesn’t have HiFi) Read more

ZTE Star II is Officially Released

ZTE Star II is Officially Released

[pt id=’3194′ size=’full’ link=’file’]

ZTE Star II appearance is the same to Star I, still using double glass and metal frame design, body thickness of only 6.9mm. It is the first wave of phones that support China Mobile’s fusion communication service. and the user can continue to use the phone voice operation such as voice dialing in offline mode.

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DOOV and TUDOU Jointly Released DOOV NIKE V1

DOOV and TUDOU Jointly Released DOOV NIKE V1

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DOOV is a minority brand which focusing woman mobile phones. TUDOU is a famous video website in China. The NIKE here is different with that famous sport brand NIKE. It’s just chinese pinyin. Back to this phone, the most bright spot of this phone is the rotating camera.  DOOV claimed that it can support 100,000 times rotates. It intergrates TUDOU APP client and very friendly on video recording and editing.

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4 World's First Meizu MX 4 Pro is Officially Released

4 World’s First Meizu MX4 Pro is Officially Released

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Finally, after many times exposure, and the very few long time calmness of chinese electronic new products releasing. Meizu MX4 Pro is officially released. It has 4 world’s first.First high resolution screen: 5.5-inch with 2560*1536. First 2K resolution screen with 2.8mm Super-narrow bezel. First Android phone with front-press fingerprint recognition. First earplugs with 128Ω impedance.

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FNF ifive Air is Officially Released

FNF ifive Air is Officially Released

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FNF ifive Air is not only sounds like Apple, but also looks like Apple iPad Air. Its configuration is the same to FNF ifive mini4 which is also like Apple iPad mini. According to its price, it is still very worth to try. Read more

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 (1)

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Officially Released

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Lenovo updates its Yoga series. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 still has 8-inch and 10-inch versions. But this both of them have Windows version. And they all use the same resolution of 1920*1200. New Hang Mode is added to Yoga Tablet 2. Read more