Nubia Z11 Max Silver

Nubia Z11 MAX Is Officially Released

Nubia in Beijing’s water cube officially released the new machine Nubia Z11 max, the 6 inch large screen design, price of 1999 yuan.

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Nubia Z11 mini White

Nubia Z11 Mini Is Officially Released

The Nubia Z11 mini is officially released at this afternoon’ s new product conference.

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Nubia Prague S Pink

Nubia Prague S is Officially Released

Nubia Prague S is officially released.The new generation of Prague S mainly in the process of upgrading, Prague S to switch to a curved metal frame, double-sided 2.5D glass material.

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Nubia My PRAGUE Box

Nubia My PRAGUE Hands-on

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Nubia My PRAGUE is Officially Released

Nubia My PRAGUE is Officially Released

Nubia held a conference at Prague officially released their new mobile phone Nubia My PRAGUE. This is the first time that Nubia first release their phone at foreign country. Its appearance still keeps Nubia family style. And I should say it is the best looking Android phone currently(after Meizu change their back button). Read more

Nubia Z9 Hands-on

Nubia Z9 Hands-on Quote from

Nubia Z9 Gold

Bezel-less Nubia Z9 is Officially Released

Nubia Z9 is the flagship of Nubia. It always bringing the best functions. And this time it brings Bezel-less, world’s first side fingerprint unlock and world’s fingerprint 3 buttons in 1. Nubia Z9 will have 3 versions:

Classic:Snapdragon810+3GB+32GB ¥3499/

Elite:Snapdragon810+4GB+64GB ¥3999/

Premium:Snapdragon810+4GB+64GB+TiO fingerprint unlock ¥4499 Read more

Nubia Z9 Max & Nubia Z9 mini are Officially Released

Nubia Z9 Max & Nubia Z9 mini are Officially Released

Nubia is the brand of ZTE. Nubia Z series only has even numbers generation, X series only has odd numbers. So the new flagship became 9 from 7. Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 mini keep their family tradition. They support all the networks. And their dual-standby is really supporting dual-4G. But it doesn’t mean that you can both use 4G at same time. At least you don’t need to replace 2 SIM cards when you want to use both of their 4G. And of course you can’t use 2 CDMA sim cards at same time.

The most difference between Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 mini are screen, CPU and HiFi(Z9 mini doesn’t have HiFi) Read more

Nubia Z7 Max Hands-on

Nubia Z7 Mini Hands-on