Meizu Meilan E Grey

Meizu Meilan E Is Officially Released

Meizu has just officially released a new generation of phone Meilan E , known as the three thousand or four thousand yuan flagship machine process standards, and the price is only 1299 yuan.

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Meizu Meilan 3S Silver

Meizu Meilan 3S Is Officially Released

Meizu has just officially released this year’s fourth new machines Meilan Meizu 3S”.

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Meilan 3 White

Meizu Meilan 3 Is Officially Released

Meizu has just officially released this month’s third mobile phone Meilan 3 after Meizu Note3 and PRO6.

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Meizu Pro 6 Gold

Meizu PRO 6 Is Officially Released

After the affordable Meizu Meilan Note 3e (799 yuan) was released ,Meizu today officially released their second phone this year today- the flagship Meizu PRO 6.

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Meizu Bone 2P

Meizu Bone 2P Bracent Is Officially Released

Meizu new conference today is very rich, in addition to 799 yuan Meizu Note 3, Meizu EP51 Bluetooth headset movement, Meizu also announced Bong 2P bracelet, priced at 79 yuan, and with Meizu Note 3 collocation only 60 yuan.

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Meilan Note3 is Officially Released (2)

Meizu Meilan Note 3 Is Officially Released

Meizu today held the first conference in 2016, officially released the new year’s first mobile phone Meilan Note 3.

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Meizu Pro5 Ubuntu Version Grey

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Version is Officially Released

Meizu and Ubuntu began working together on the previous generations of MX4, at that time caused a lot of attention, but because of the limited sales, so relatively small minority. And to the PRO 5, Meizu again in cooperation with Canonical, announced the launch of PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition, which is fifth Ubuntu equipment, but also the Meizu since MX4 second Ubuntu mobile phone.

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Meizu Pro5 Silver-White

Meizu Pro5 is Officially Released

Meizu new flagship Meizu Pro5 is officially unveiled at the conference. The new phone uses full metal back cover. Compared with the previous MX series it has a little changed at the overall shape, but in detail and process it performance better. There are still have three colors (black white and gold) for you to choose.

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Meizu m2 All Colors

The New Best Low-end Phone Meizu m2 is Officially Released

Although the appearance is the same with Meizu m1, Meizu m2 is still the best looking phone around ¥599. And also this time Meizu m2 is not only supporting ChinaNet(CDMA), but also set the price same to other versions. CDMAers should be moved. Additionally Meizu released an earphone T100A which is corporate with JBL. Its price is ¥99. You can use ¥69 if you buy it with Meizu m2. Read more

Meizu MX5 White and Black Hands-on

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