lenovo-phab2-pro-tango-ar grey

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro Tango AR Is Available Now

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro Tango AR

Lenovo´s new device offers customers a whole new perspective with the Google Tango AR technology.

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lenovo-zuk-edge white

Releasing Lenovo´s ZUK Edge

Lenovo ZUK Edge
Full screen, stealth U-Touch, qualcomm snapdragon 821.

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Yoga 510 11/14/15 inch

Lenovo Officially Released the Yoga/Miix Series New Notebook

Today Lenovo showcased a variety of new Windows 10 notebooks at the MWC, including two 14 inch, one 15 inch and one 11 inch notebooks.

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Lenovo TAB37/10/8

Lenovo TAB3 Android Pad Officially Released

In addition to thousands of new machines K5, K5Plus 5 kinds of Windows 10 notebooks, Lenovo also released a named “TAB3” family of a variety of Android Tablet, size ranging from 7/8/10.

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Lenovo K5 Gold

Lenovo K5 and K5 Plus are Officially Released

MWC is the mobile phone once a year event, Lenovo brought their new machine VIBE K5 and K5 Plus.

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Lenovo lemon 3

Lenovo lemon 3 is Officially Released

Red mi 3 on sale, the price of ¥699 sold almost invincible hand, after a short period of time sold out. Today, Lenovo’s lemon 3 officially opened the reservation, same price was ¥699, in January 20th officially on sale.

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Lenovo Lemon X3

Lenovo Lemon X3 is Officially Released

Lenovo in Beijing officially released a new machine lemon X3 a total of three models: lemon X3 Netcom Version (3GB+64GB), lemon X3 double 4G Version (3GB+32GB) and lemon X3 Youth Version (2GB+16GB), priced at ¥2999, ¥2499, ¥1899.

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17TV 55i

Lenovo New Sub-brand 17TV 55i is Officially Released

17TV is a new sub-brand which is only selling on internet from Lenovo. 17 stands for together in Chinese pronunciation. Lenovo is trying to tell customers watch TV with family together. 17TV 55i is their first TV. And its price is very impressive. It is even ¥1000 cheaper than Xiaomi Mi TV 2 55″. It should be mentioned that its OS is YunOS from Alibaba. Read more

Lenovo Keywest

New Electronics from Lenovo Tech World

There are many new electronics released on Lenovo Tech World. They are world’s first projection touch phone–Lenovo Keywest, world’s first dual-screen smart watch–Lenovo Magic View, upgrad version of ThinkPad 10, handwriting pen which you can use for any application in Windows 8.1–Lenovo WRITEit and Lenovo concept smart shoes. We have to say that all of them are better than we expect.  Read more

Lenovo VIBE Shot Red White and Gray

Lenovo VIBE Shot is Officially Released

Lenovo VIBE Shot was first released at CES this year. The team said they still need to optimize it for a long time.  And we would like to say the configuration of this phone is really good. Although it doesn’t have a very high grade CPU, but it has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, besides it is even equipped with a 5-inch 1080P IPS screen which is very rare at the price ¥1799.  Read more