lenovo-phab2-pro-tango-ar grey

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro Tango AR Is Available Now

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro Tango AR

Lenovo´s new device offers customers a whole new perspective with the Google Tango AR technology.

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Huawei MediaPad Silver Front

Huawei MediaPad M2 is officially Released

HUAWEI MediaPad M2 is officially released

Appearance, HUAWEI MediaPad M2 aluminum body, the surface after blasting treatment, the texture is full.

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360Qiku Dazen Note 3 High Version White

360 Qiku Dazen Note 3 High Version is Officially Released

360Qiku Dazen note 3 high version officially released, the biggest change is to enhance the 3gb memory 32GB of storage space, but also supports full CNC 4G and other configuration and Standard Edition (2GB + 16 GB).

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Lenovo lemon 3

Lenovo lemon 3 is Officially Released

Red mi 3 on sale, the price of ¥699 sold almost invincible hand, after a short period of time sold out. Today, Lenovo’s lemon 3 officially opened the reservation, same price was ¥699, in January 20th officially on sale.

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ASUS ZenFone Selfie

ASUS ZenFone Series is Officially Released

ASUS officially released three new ZenFone series mobile phone.

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Lenovo Lemon X3

Lenovo Lemon X3 is Officially Released

Lenovo in Beijing officially released a new machine lemon X3 a total of three models: lemon X3 Netcom Version (3GB+64GB), lemon X3 double 4G Version (3GB+32GB) and lemon X3 Youth Version (2GB+16GB), priced at ¥2999, ¥2499, ¥1899.

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ASUS ZenFone Zoom

ASUS ZenFone Zoom is Officially Released

ASUS ZenFone Zoom officially released

Configuration, ASUS ZenFone Zoom Intel uses 5.5 inches 1080p display, equipped with Atom Z3590 quad core processor (GPU PowerVR G6430), built-in 4GB memory and 128GB body storage space, providing a 5 million pixel front camera and a 13 million pixel rear camera, battery capacity3000 mAh.

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ZTE Voyage3

ZTE Voyage3 is officially Released

ZTE released a new machine – voyage 3. The machine will be the main battery life, equipped with 4080mAh large capacity battery.
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Huawei Enjoy 5S Silver

Huawei Enjoy 5S is Officially Released

Today, Huawei held a new conference in Beijing, officially released its new products enjoy 5S.

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Coolpad Fengshang max

Coolpad Fengshang Max is Officially Released

Today,Coolpad in Beijing officially released its new machine – Feng Shang MAX.

On the appearance,Coolpad Feng Shan Max by integration of body design, 2.5D arc glass + arc metal combo box,corner with exquisite CNC cutting, the front screen accounted for than moderately.

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