Meilan 3 White

Meizu Meilan 3 Is Officially Released

Meizu has just officially released this month’s third mobile phone Meilan 3 after Meizu Note3 and PRO6.

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Meilan Note3 is Officially Released (2)

Meizu Meilan Note 3 Is Officially Released

Meizu today held the first conference in 2016, officially released the new year’s first mobile phone Meilan Note 3.

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Ramos Mos1 Max i

Ramos Mos1 Max is Officially Released

Ramos in Beijing held the new conference, officially released the new machine Ramos MOS1 max, the biggest bright spot is using the 6.44 inch large screen and guards 6010mAh BYD’s battery.

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Lenovo Lemon X3

Lenovo Lemon X3 is Officially Released

Lenovo in Beijing officially released a new machine lemon X3 a total of three models: lemon X3 Netcom Version (3GB+64GB), lemon X3 double 4G Version (3GB+32GB) and lemon X3 Youth Version (2GB+16GB), priced at ¥2999, ¥2499, ¥1899.

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ASUS ZenFone Zoom

ASUS ZenFone Zoom is Officially Released

ASUS ZenFone Zoom officially released

Configuration, ASUS ZenFone Zoom Intel uses 5.5 inches 1080p display, equipped with Atom Z3590 quad core processor (GPU PowerVR G6430), built-in 4GB memory and 128GB body storage space, providing a 5 million pixel front camera and a 13 million pixel rear camera, battery capacity3000 mAh.

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Huawei Enjoy 5S Silver

Huawei Enjoy 5S is Officially Released

Today, Huawei held a new conference in Beijing, officially released its new products enjoy 5S.

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ZTE V5 3 Sliver and Gold

ZTE V5 3 is Officially Released

ZTE V5 3 should be another good choice around ¥1000. It is equipped with fingerprint and all metal body. Its configuration can fit most people’s work. And it has a good appearance. The only difference between 3 versions is the network support. Read more

Meizu m2 All Colors

The New Best Low-end Phone Meizu m2 is Officially Released

Although the appearance is the same with Meizu m1, Meizu m2 is still the best looking phone around ¥599. And also this time Meizu m2 is not only supporting ChinaNet(CDMA), but also set the price same to other versions. CDMAers should be moved. Additionally Meizu released an earphone T100A which is corporate with JBL. Its price is ¥99. You can use ¥69 if you buy it with Meizu m2. Read more

Huawei Honor4A White

Huawei Honor4A is Officially Released

Huawei Honor4A is the latest cheap phone from Huawei. It seems that Huawei knows customers always focusing the RAM. So this time they use a low-end cpu Snapdragon210 with 2GB RAM to against competitor’s Snapdragon410 with 1GB RAM in ¥599 battlefield. I don’t think this is a good idea. CPU is always the most important thing in Android phones especially in low-end Android phone. Read more

Meizu m2 note All colors

Meizu m2 note is Officially Released

It is really suppressed that Meizu released Meizu m2 note 6 months after the launch of its predecessor. They call this never stop improving. Yes Meizu is changing a lot since its founder Jack Wong back to CEO, especially after alibaba group invested their company. Although it is called as Meizu m2 note, but actually it doesn’t upgrade a lot. The most different is the price and the button. The price is very impressive. But the button I should say it’s ugly, much worse than its predecessor. Read more