meizu-pro5 grey

Discount On Meizu PRO 5

Recently Meizu officially released its PRO 6 Plus, which is the successor of Meizu´s former flagship, the PRO 5.

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Huawei Pad M3

Huawei Pad M3 Is Released

Huawei has brought Huawei Media Pad M3.

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Huawei Nova Front

Huawei Nova Is Released

HUAWEI held a conference in Berlin, Germany, the official release of its new product line: Women’s mobile phone Nova.

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Cool 1 dual Silver

Keep It Cool With The Cool1

LeEco released its first smartphone this afternoon, the Cool1 dual camera device, after acquiring the controlling share in Coolpad.

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Huawei G9 Plus

Huawei´s G9 Plus Is On The Market

While Huawei´s M- and P- series were much more hyped, the G- series keeps it more low-key. The G9 Plus was now unveiled in Beijing.

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Meizu Meilan E Grey

Meizu Meilan E Is Officially Released

Meizu has just officially released a new generation of phone Meilan E , known as the three thousand or four thousand yuan flagship machine process standards, and the price is only 1299 yuan.

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Gionee M6 M6Plus Champagne Gold Front

Gionee M6 M6 Plus Is Officially Released

Today, Gionee released M6, M6 Plus mobile phone in Beijing As the two biggest highlights, endurance, M6 come with 5.5 inch 1080p AMOLED display, 5000mAh battery, support 9V/2A fast charging , M6 plus is 6 inch 1080p AMOLED display, 6020mAh battery , volume density 700Wh/L support 12V / 2A fast charge, known as heavy users easily for two days.

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Xiaomi red mi pro Grey

Xiaomi Red Mi Pro Is Officially Released

This afternoon, Xiaomi officially released the new flagship Xiaomi red mi Pro, there are metal wire drawing body, the deca core processor, dual lens three features. Pricing is 1499 yuan -1999 yuan,three configurations . it is the most expensive red mi phone at present, but also the highest configuration of red mi phone.

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360 N4s Gold Front

360 N4S Is Officially Released

This afternoon, 360 held a press conference, officially released the new N4S.

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ZTE Small Fresh 4 Gold

ZTE Small Fresh 4 Is Officially Released

This afternoon, ZTE joint China Telecom released a star product small fresh series of the latest models – ZTE small fresh 4.

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