meizu-pro6-plus gold

Meizu´s Pro6 Plus Is On The Market

PRO6 Plus

More Powerful, yet calmer

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HTC One X9 Front

HTC One X9 is Officially Released

HTC officially released the One X9 HTC country line version. This is a positioning in the mainstream market of the new machine, but slightly less than One A9 HTC instead of the.

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ZTE Officially Released AXON PRO and Other Products

ZTE officially released their new flagship AXON PRO which is prepared 18 months, claimed by ZTE. Actually AXON PRO was first debuted in US and it was quite popular. AXON PRO is worth for the hard work of ZTE. It is equipped with all the best technologies for Android phone. AXON mini is also released at the same time. But its price and confirmation is not published yet. Read more

OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 is Officially Released

After the successful first year, OnePlus officially released their second phone OnePlus 2. The same screen size and same suspended screen design. But everything inside is totally upgraded. OnePlus claimed that OnePlus 2 is using software and hardware to control the temperature of Snapdragon 810. The 810 performance but 801 temperature. In order to raise the brightness and cut down the power consumption, OnePlus isn’t equipped with 2K resolution screen. There is one feature is really impress me. OnePlus 2’s Alert Slider integrates seamlessly with Android’s notification settings. Switch between 3 profiles: All Notifications, Priority Interruptions, and No Interruptions – without having to unlock your phone or even take it out of your pocket. Perfect for meetings, movie theaters, or just a bit of peace and quiet. Read more

Huawei Honor7 Gold Silver Grey

Huawei Honor7 and Other Stuffs are Officially Released

On the same day which Meizu released their new phone Meizu MX5, Huawei released their new flagship Huawei Honor7. Honor7 make a full upgrade comparing to Huawei Honor6. Network should always be a highlight of all Huawei phones. It supports LTE Cat6 which can reach 300M most. And it also can be Infrared remote based on its huge appliance database(805 brands+26018 products). But I still want to say it is so confuse that Huawei has 2 flagship: Huawei P8 and Huawei Honor7. They are not so different but with totally different price. Read more

Xiaomi Mi 4 White

Their Flagships are All Cut down to ¥1499

After Meizu MX4 first entering the price of ¥1499. This price suddenly becomes the standard of Chinese flagship mobile phone. Huawei Honor 6 Standard version and Xiaomi Mi4 2GB version are cutting down to this price too. And next should be OnePlus. They said they will have a big news on June 1st on Twitter. 2015 will be a very difficult year for all Chinese mobile phone brands. Some of the brands won’t get through such intense price competition. Read more

Nubia Z9 Gold

Bezel-less Nubia Z9 is Officially Released

Nubia Z9 is the flagship of Nubia. It always bringing the best functions. And this time it brings Bezel-less, world’s first side fingerprint unlock and world’s fingerprint 3 buttons in 1. Nubia Z9 will have 3 versions:

Classic:Snapdragon810+3GB+32GB ¥3499/

Elite:Snapdragon810+4GB+64GB ¥3999/

Premium:Snapdragon810+4GB+64GB+TiO fingerprint unlock ¥4499 Read more

HTC One M9+ and HTC One E9+ are Officially Released (1)

HTC One M9+ and HTC One E9+ are Officially Released

HTC One M9+ and HTC One E9+ are luanched a few weeks ago, but without specific details and price. These days HTC finally released the complete details of these 2 phones. But it is very disappointed with their high prices. Both devices were launched first in China and it could be making its way to other markets in Asia. Read more

Letv Max

First Type-C Phone Letv1, Letv1 Pro and Letv Max are Officially Released

Letv, a Chinese video streaming website similar to YouTube and Netflix, has launched three near bezel-less display smartphones  Letv1, Letv1 Pro and Letv Max. Launched on its home turf during the “Breaking Boundaries with Letv’s Ecosystem” event in Beijing, the three dual-SIM smartphones are said to be the first in the world to come with USB Type-C ports.

While the price for the Letv Max (seen above) has not yet been revealed by Letv, the Letv1 Pro is priced at ¥2499  for 32GB storage variant and ¥2699 for 64GB storage variant. The Letv1 is priced at ¥1499 for 16GB variant, ¥1599 for 32GB and ¥1799 for 64GB. All three phones run Android 5.0 Lollipop with the firm’s EUI skin on top. Read more

Xiaomi Note is Officially Released

Xiaomi Note is Officially Released

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Xiaomi Note is the best looking Xiaomi phone said by Lei-CEO of Xiaomi.And this time Xiaomi first set its new phone price over ¥2000 targeting the high grade market. It will also have a better configration version which will be equipped with Qualcomm SnapDragon 810, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 2K screen and LTE-CAT9 with price ¥3299.The most impressive thing to Xiaomi Note is its dual glass design. Front 2.5D curved glass, back 3D curved glass. Both of them are all Corning gorilla glass 3. This time Xiaomi directly compared Xiaomi Note to iPhone6 Plus to show their confidence about their new flagship. Besides, Xiaomi also released new 2 toys: Xiaomi Box mini and Xiaomi Headphone. Read more