One Plus 3 Silver

One Plus 3 Is Officially Released

Today, one plus technology held a new conference, officially released a new flagship mobile phone one plus 3.

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Meilan 3 White

Meizu Meilan 3 Is Officially Released

Meizu has just officially released this month’s third mobile phone Meilan 3 after Meizu Note3 and PRO6.

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Meilan Note3 is Officially Released (2)

Meizu Meilan Note 3 Is Officially Released

Meizu today held the first conference in 2016, officially released the new year’s first mobile phone Meilan Note 3.

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Huawei P9

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus are Officially Released

HUAWEI in London today officially released a new generation flagship P9, including P9, P9 Plus two versions.

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Gionee skyte w909 Front

Gionee Skyte w909 Is Officially Released

This afternoon Gionee released its latest high-end business intelligent mobile phone – skyte W909 flip.

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Vivo Xplay5

Vivo Xplay5 and Xplay5 Flagship Version are officially released

Just recently Vivo officially launched their newest devices, the “Xplay5 Flagship” and the “Xplay5” after two years of research and development. Their Flagship edition with the worldwide first 6GB memory for a smartphone and the double curved side screen will undoubtedly become the biggest selling point.

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ZTE AXON MAX is Officially Released

Today, ZTE in Beijing officially released ZTE AXON MAX.

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Motorola Moto X Pole Back

Motorola Moto X Pole is Officially Released

Motorola officially released their new flagship moto x pole, on this phone. Officials say that R & D time-consuming for three years, and it is the biggest selling point is the anti broken screen (Lenovo provide after-sales warranty screen of breaking 4 years), in fact, this is in the touch screen with five layer structure design, including aluminium base, touch layer, flexible screen and anti broken inner layer and outer layer to prevent scratch.

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360Qiku Dazen Note 3 High Version White

360 Qiku Dazen Note 3 High Version is Officially Released

360Qiku Dazen note 3 high version officially released, the biggest change is to enhance the 3gb memory 32GB of storage space, but also supports full CNC 4G and other configuration and Standard Edition (2GB + 16 GB).

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Lenovo lemon 3

Lenovo lemon 3 is Officially Released

Red mi 3 on sale, the price of ¥699 sold almost invincible hand, after a short period of time sold out. Today, Lenovo’s lemon 3 officially opened the reservation, same price was ¥699, in January 20th officially on sale.

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