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Lenovo Moto Z Play Is Officially Released

In addition to Qualcomm snapdragon 820 flagship Moto Z, Lenovo also announced Moto Z Play which equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 625 have 3G memory, , the price of 3299 yuan.

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Huawei Honor Enjoy5 Gold

Huawei Honor Enjoy 5 Is Officially Released

Huawei Honor enjoy 5 is officially released.

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Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Huawei Honor 6 Plus, New Honor Play 4X, Honor Box and Honor Homeplug are Officially Released

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I don’t wanna say that they copy from Apple again even it’s just a name. But it seems everybody use a Plus or a Pro after their mobile phone name. Actually, Huawei Honor 6 Plus is mainly face to Meizu MX4 Pro which is officially released a little earlier then Honor 6 Plus.The most impressive thing of Honor 6 Plus is the dual camera. They are both 8 MP BSI cameras. This is not like HTC. And Honor 6 also upgrade its screen into 5.5-inch.  Read more

DOOV and TUDOU Jointly Released DOOV NIKE V1

DOOV and TUDOU Jointly Released DOOV NIKE V1

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DOOV is a minority brand which focusing woman mobile phones. TUDOU is a famous video website in China. The NIKE here is different with that famous sport brand NIKE. It’s just chinese pinyin. Back to this phone, the most bright spot of this phone is the rotating camera.  DOOV claimed that it can support 100,000 times rotates. It intergrates TUDOU APP client and very friendly on video recording and editing.

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4 World's First Meizu MX 4 Pro is Officially Released

4 World’s First Meizu MX4 Pro is Officially Released

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Finally, after many times exposure, and the very few long time calmness of chinese electronic new products releasing. Meizu MX4 Pro is officially released. It has 4 world’s first.First high resolution screen: 5.5-inch with 2560*1536. First 2K resolution screen with 2.8mm Super-narrow bezel. First Android phone with front-press fingerprint recognition. First earplugs with 128Ω impedance.

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World's First Motorized Camera OPPO N3 is Officially Released

World’s First Motorized Camera OPPO N3 is Officially Released

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OPPO N3 is upgrade version of its first world’s rotate camera phone OPPO N1. The most impressive thing of N3 is its motorized camera. You can use its 206° seamless automatic rotation for panorama, and also can control the motorized rotating camera for fast rotation via on-screen gestures, O-Click 2.0 Bluetooth Remote Control or Touch Access. Besides it provides new VOOC mini Rapid Charger: a five minute charge gives you a two hour phone call. 30 minutes will restore 75% of the N3’s battery. But the mini charger is much smaller than the old one. Read more

HTC Desire Eye

HTC One(M8 Eye) HTC Desire Eye and HTC Re are Officially Released

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It seems that every mobile phone company wishes to be a camera company. This time on the conference which is named “Double Exposure “, HTC released New camera system Eye Experience, new phones which are based on the Eye Experience: HTC One(M8 Eye) and HTC Desire Eye. Besides HTC released their first mobile camera HTC Re and an video editor Zoe.

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Meizu MX4 the New Flagship is Officially Released

Meizu MX4 the New Flagship is Officially Released

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Meizu MX4 is the cheapest flagship of Meizu. Normally the new flagship will set at ¥2499. But this time it is reduced ¥700 into 16GB:¥1799/32GB:¥1999/64GB:¥2399. The Controversial CPU Meizu customized MediaTek 6595 is the most important reason for the cheap price. This Meizu shows its confidence and professional on MX4. MT6595 can run 46124 AnTuTu BenchMark even more powerful than Snapdragon 801, But it should be much cheaper than Snapdragon. So Meizu could enhance other parts of the phone, brings the first 20.70 MP camera in china, 1 year accident insurance and of course the good craft on metal like other chinese flagship. Read more

Flagship Lenovo K920 VIBE Z2 Pro is Officially Released

Flagship Lenovo K920 VIBE Z2 Pro is Officially Released

Flagship Lenovo K920 VIBE Z2 Pro is Officially Released

After many exposures, Lenovo finally officially released their new flagship Lenovo K920. This model should be named as VIBE Z2 pro. It also uses MSM8974AC like other chinese new flagship. It seems that Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 doesn’t go so smoothly. The price is still unknown, and it will be available for purchase on September. Read more

Nubia Officially Released Z7, Z7 Max and Z7 Mini

On July 8, Nubia which is a sub brand belongs to ZTE officially released their new flagship Nubia Z7, new Mid-range Nubia Z7 Max, and new low-end Nubia Z7 Mini. Here are the different between 3 of them. Only Z7 is equipped with 3GB RAM, 2K resolution screen, OSI camera, HiFi audio CODEC with DSP  and all metal body. Only Z7 Mini is equipped with MSM8974AA 2.0 GHz, 5-inch screen, colorful back cover and without NFC. Read more