Meitu M6 White

Meitu M6 Is Officially Released

Meitu hold a mobile phone new conference in Xiamen, , officially released the Meitu M6 and Meitu V4s two phones, is still the main selfie.

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Meitu V4s White

Meitu V4s Is Officially Released

Meitu hold a mobile phone conference in Xiamen,officially released the Meitu figure M6 and figure V4s two phones, is still the main selfie.

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Meizu Meilan 3S Silver

Meizu Meilan 3S Is Officially Released

Meizu has just officially released this year’s fourth new machines Meilan Meizu 3S”.

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ZUK Z2 White

Lenovo´s Sub-Brand ZUK Released It´s Flagship Z2

After ZUK´s Z2 Pro was released last month the relatively young company, which is invested by Lenovo, held a press conference today, where it officially introduced it´s new flagship, the Z2, to the public.

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Nubia Z11 mini White

Nubia Z11 Mini Is Officially Released

The Nubia Z11 mini is officially released at this afternoon’ s new product conference.

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Xiaomi Red Mi 3 Grey

Xiaomi Red Mi 3High Version is Officially Released

Xiaomi officially released the “Redmi 3 with fingerprint high edition” after the launch of the first electric rice cooker, which doesnt give us many new features but a very exceptional one.

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ZTE Blade V7 and V7 Lite

ZTE Blade V7 and Blade V7 Lite Officially Released

ZTE has just released its two new mobile phone– Blade V7 and Blade V7 Lite.

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Lenovo lemon 3

Lenovo lemon 3 is Officially Released

Red mi 3 on sale, the price of ¥699 sold almost invincible hand, after a short period of time sold out. Today, Lenovo’s lemon 3 officially opened the reservation, same price was ¥699, in January 20th officially on sale.

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Xiaomi red mi 3

Xiaomi Red Mi 3 is Officially Released

Xiaomi red mi 3 is officially released. The back cover of red mi 3 use metal material, the shell with a three-stage design, intermediate metal shell, upper and lower for plastic material, do so mainly in order to ensure the signal, the golden, dark gray, silver optional.

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ZTE Blade A1 White

ZTE Blade A1 is Officially Released

ZTE Blade A1 known as the “national mobile phone fingerprint, fingerprint recognition back by using the second generation fingerprint unlock solution, 360 degrees, 0.3 seconds to unlock the screen.

The fingerprint identification module is also known as “fresh” button, click, double-click, press the 9 function definition, including screen capture, fast sharing, flashlight, screenshots, call etc.
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