Xiaomi mi TV 3S 65“

Xiaomi TV 3S 65″ Is Officially Released

Xiaomi has just launched its first curved TV at a press conference, which is also part of the Mi TV 3S series: The device is 65 inch, 5.9 mm ultra thin and comes with an astonishing price of up to 8999 yuan! It goes on sale at 31st of March.

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Lenovo lemon 3

Lenovo lemon 3 is Officially Released

Red mi 3 on sale, the price of ¥699 sold almost invincible hand, after a short period of time sold out. Today, Lenovo’s lemon 3 officially opened the reservation, same price was ¥699, in January 20th officially on sale.

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Xiaomi red mi 3

Xiaomi Red Mi 3 is Officially Released

Xiaomi red mi 3 is officially released. The back cover of red mi 3 use metal material, the shell with a three-stage design, intermediate metal shell, upper and lower for plastic material, do so mainly in order to ensure the signal, the golden, dark gray, silver optional.

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BaoFeng TV Front

BaoFeng TV is Officially Released

Baofeng held a press conference in Beijing, officially released its TV products: Baofeng TV.
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ZTE Blade A1 White

ZTE Blade A1 is Officially Released

ZTE Blade A1 known as the “national mobile phone fingerprint, fingerprint recognition back by using the second generation fingerprint unlock solution, 360 degrees, 0.3 seconds to unlock the screen.

The fingerprint identification module is also known as “fresh” button, click, double-click, press the 9 function definition, including screen capture, fast sharing, flashlight, screenshots, call etc.
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Huawei Enjoy 5S Silver

Huawei Enjoy 5S is Officially Released

Today, Huawei held a new conference in Beijing, officially released its new products enjoy 5S.

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Red Mi Note3

Red Mi Note3 is Officially Released

Red Mi Note 3 is the first all metal body cell phone of Xiao mi, and maintained 150×76 x 8.65 mm, 164 grams of thin body, using a popular back fingerprint recognition technology, support free password wake-up unlock (0.3 seconds), pay shopping, view privacy files, management of children’s mode, etc., especially with TEE Trustonic security technology,fingerprint original information strictly confidential.
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2 World's First, Gionee M5 and Gionee E8 are Officially Released

2 World’s First, Gionee M5 and Gionee E8 are Officially Released

Geonee M5 is the world’s largest battery capacity mobile phone. It has 6020mAh battery capacity with dual-battery structure. It can work for 2days even for heavy use. It also can be power bank for others.

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Meizu m2 note All colors

Meizu m2 note is Officially Released

It is really suppressed that Meizu released Meizu m2 note 6 months after the launch of its predecessor. They call this never stop improving. Yes Meizu is changing a lot since its founder Jack Wong back to CEO, especially after alibaba group invested their company. Although it is called as Meizu m2 note, but actually it doesn’t upgrade a lot. The most different is the price and the button. The price is very impressive. But the button I should say it’s ugly, much worse than its predecessor. Read more


TCL MEMEDA 3S is Officially Released

MEMEDA becomes a sub-brand of TCL like other Chinese electronic brands. Although its brand name MEMEDA is not the best name that they can choose. But like other TCL mobile phones, TCL MEMEDA 3S is also very cost-effective. It is even equipped with Eyeprint recognization technology in the price of ¥799. Read more