Coming from a Chinese point of view, I think Xiaomi is the best local brand for smartphones.Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, is deemed to be a legend. He is very experienced in the field of Chinese internet. He first established Xiaomi with concentrating the business on Android system customization, like CyanogenMod. Later he began to develop smartphones himself. Xiaomi by now has become the pioneer of low priced high-end smartphones and manages to release different phone models at least once a year. They always impress by offering best performance for low factory price. Xiaomi earns money from their software, service, and by the massive reduction of electronic price. It even created a new distribution channel- online only, and supplys customers with mobile phones in a limited number. Now it even has established a huge fan base. The socalled “Mi fans” are crazy for all launched products and contribute to Xiaomi´s take on changing the whole Chinese electronic business.