Lenovo & Zuk & Motorola

To most Chinese, Lenovo is a famous brand in computer and laptop because of the good quality of its products. And they will take Lenovo as the first choice when they want to buy a computer or laptop, especially those living in the countryside. Nowadays Lenovo is a well-known name all over the world due to its acquisitions of several big companies, such as Motorola. As a matter of fact, it is already the biggest PC brand now. It has many great new products, including laptops, tablets, and some mix PCs. When referring to its mobile phones, it has intended to beat iPhone in China. But unfortunately, it failed. Although it has sold a large number of mobile phones, it is still not as popular as other Chinese brands, such as Xiaomi. Most of its market share are produced by the cooperations with telecoms companies. However, the acquisition of Motorola may help it to become stronger in smartphone in the future.

ZUK is the new sub-brand from Lenovo innovation factory to against Xiaomi.