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discount-on-letv-max-2 rose gold

Discount On Letv Le Max2

The Letv Max 2 has currently two price promotions on the 4 +64 GB version for only 1399rmb currently is the most cost-effective qualcomm snapdragon 820 mobile phone.

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Huawei mate7

Discount on Huawei Mate7

Third party sellers already offer the Mate7 online for a discounted price of 1060rmb on, which is only limited to its ChinaNet 4G version. China Mobile and Unicom users can choose a dual 4G version for 1300rmb.

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meizu-pro5 grey

Discount On Meizu PRO 5

Recently Meizu officially released its PRO 6 Plus, which is the successor of Meizu´s former flagship, the PRO 5.

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letv-max-2 Rose gold

Discount on LeTV Max 2

The LeTV Max2 comes with a with Qualcomm 820 processor, a 64 bit Kryo architecture, clocked up to 2.15GHz, using UFS2.0 dash memory and supports an ultrasonic fingerprint payment. Additionally its equipped with a 21 million pixel rear camera.

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